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Work Injuries

At Stevens Law Group, we provide skilled representation to injured workers in Mississippi. We focus on obtaining full benefits and compensation for injured workers, pursuing recovery from all possible sources. Our office is located one block from the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission. That is no accident. We can inform you of your rights and handle all aspects of your case.
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Representing the Victims of Workplace Injuries

Workers’ compensation is an administrative procedure that allows injured workers to be compensated for their injuries, under certain strict circumstances, as well as allowing those employees to obtain quality health care at the employer or carrier’s expense. The rules are quite complicated, and your choice of attorney is important.

It is untrue for an adjuster to say that it is just a formula, and that you don’t need a lawyer. The statutory and administrative rules are very complicated and your medical conditions and employment history provide a maze only an experience lawyer can navigate to obtain all the compensation allowed by law.

Few law firms have handled as many workers’ compensation cases as we have, and we are likely Mississippi’s leading firm for workers’ compensation bad faith claims. We pursued the watershed claim in this area of law, Rogers v. Hartford Accident and Indemnity Co., which outlined the duties for the handling of these claims. When we say we are willing to take a case to trial, our opponents know we are not bluffing.

You Could Be Entitled to More

Workers’ compensation provides benefits for workers injured on the job, but if you were injured due to negligence you could be entitled to additional compensation through a personal injury claim. For example, if defective machinery caused your injury, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation and additional compensation from a products liability claim against the product’s manufacturer.

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Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

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