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Business Fraud

At the law firm of Stevens Law Group, we provide skilled legal representation to consumers, shareholders and partners in business fraud matters in Mississippi. Our attorneys and staff bring extensive experience to this area of law and focus on efficiently resolving these issues favorably for our clients while protecting the bottom line.

 Mississippi Consumer Fraud Attorneys

There are laws in place that regulate the way businesses can advertise, market and sell their products and services to consumers. Generally, these laws broadly prohibit deception in dealing with consumers. Deceptive acts can include:

  • Denial of benefits without a legitimate, arguable reason
  • Bait and switch schemes
  • False advertising
  • High-pressure sales tactics
  • Misleading form contracts or “fine print”

We have successfully represented consumers in a wide range of business fraud actions and are prepared to take cases to trial in order to obtain positive outcomes for our clients.

Minority Stockholder “Freeze-Outs” and Stockholder Disputes

Business fraud is not limited to acts against consumers. Our lawyers represent minority stockholders and business partners who have been taken advantage of in commercial transactions. We thoroughly investigate these matters and provide aggressive representation to stockholders who have been defrauded by majority stockholders or business partners.

Business fraud issues can be very complex and provide a wide range of challenges. Therefore it is in your best interest to have legal counsel as soon as possible when you believe you have fallen victim to fraud. We will need detailed and accurate information about your case in order to form an opinion about the viability of a legal claim. To begin the process, contact us today for a free consultation with our Brandon business fraud attorneys.